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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Art in Sharjah — Arab Voices

At Al-Qasbah area that I blogged about has a unique Art Gallery: Maraya. It hosted Residua exhebition by Barjeel Art Foundation.

Did not expect to see this painting at all!

1973 Munich Olympics

Another interesting painting was by Palestinian Jerusalemite Steve Sabella.His painting Exile is what every Palestinian feels. Simply out of place.


Now this Painting was a real pleasant surprise by Tagreed Bargouth born in 1979. What women look like after plastic surgery.

What women do to themselves

Never thought that music legend Om Kalthoum was American too!

Her songs liberate
Her songs liberate

Was so sad to hear that this young Palestinian Artist passed away so young at age 23. Her Art is dominated by the color green.

Barzakh Obstacle
Barzakh Obstacle

However, Maisoon Al Saleh of UAE was some thing else.

Now this is what happens to you when you talk too much on the phone.

Do not Talk too much
Don’t talk too much

or this painting!

Why I do not do diets
Why I do not do diets

I saw this beautiful small mosque while leaving the area. I was told that Friday sermons are held in English.

Al Qasbah Mosque
Al Qasbah Mosque

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