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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Day 6 and 7 (sort of) « 10 Days in Sharjah

Not much time to do anything the last few days…we had a great visit to Malayalam magazine studios for an interview for a new Indian television station to be launched in the spring. Great studio with original art on the walls and murals and hanging things…by artist the Asher.
(With artist Asher and journalist Abdul) And thank you, Jaihoon!

The central building
The next day our lecture on 100 TPC and a poetry reading at the American University went well, although our poetry reading had to compete with the lecture “The Pope and Islam” which was going on at the same time (Sigh).

Delicious fruit drink with chunks of fruit inside...
But, it’s okay, because Nicholas, our host and fellow poet, said a young woman who was at the reading was “very moved” by us. The reading helped her realize the importance of “liberal arts” education. Apparently she has been struggling with the idea that seems to be popular among students that there is no real worth to including art education in your studies. She said the reading changed her mind, and she now understands why it is important as an element of your education, whether you are an engineering major or a business major. She said it touched her in such a way that she could not disregard it.
So, that is pretty amazing.

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