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Wednesday, 25 January 2012 | ‘Sheikh Sultan cares for the residents of the UAE’

January 25, 2012

ABDULLA AL ALAMI, a Sharjah resident, is proud to learn that His Highness Dr Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and Ruler of Sharjah, will complete his 40-year rule over Sharjah. “Every year Sharjah keeps crossing milestones of achievements, and we owe it all to the generosity and care of Sheikh Sultan,” says Al Alami. “I hope that he remains in the best of health and strength to keep leading Sharjah towards better times.”

Hamed Saadat, who studied at the American University of Sharjah, believes that Sharjah has provided him with the best educational, cultural and social experience thanks to the hard work and vision of its leader.

“Sheikh Sultan’s reign hitting 40 years is a great celebration, not only for Sharjah, but the UAE too. Wishing him longevity and health so that he can continue sharing his wisdom and kindness,” says Saadat.

Nedal Omran, a business management graduate, says Sheikh Sultan is a real good model of a wise leader, who spares no efforts in developing Sharjah.

“His tremendous effort has turned Sharjah into the Arab capital of culture. He is a unique person who regularly stresses on the importance of preserving our Arab heritage and culture and he is not only contributing to the development of Sharjah but he has remarkable achievements in other countries.”

“The Ruler is one of a kind, who really loves his country with all his heart and has done so much to turn Sharjah into a cultural and a favourite hub of many people,” Omran says.

For Mohamed Husain Idris, a legal adviser from Sudan, the world is indebted to the Sharjah Ruler on cultural, moral, legal and scientific bases. “In this, he deserves the Honorary Doctorates from all universities in this world. May the Almighty bestow his love and mercy upon him,” he says.

Waael Othman Mahmoud, an Egyptian real estate sales agent working in Abu Dhabi, says, “The Ruler of Sharjah is a man of letters who deserves all praise. He is Egypt’s great friend in need and this is evident from each and every step he takes, at all times, for the sake of us Egyptians.”

Ntambi Mousah, a Ugandan senior software engineer at eBusiness Applications, expresses his gratitude for the good times he is enjoying under the leadership of the Ruler: “It has been fun staying and doing business in the emirate than anywhere in the world,” he says. “The Sharjah Ruler is a leader in possession of strong development policies and strategies who also supports social and political sustainability.Thus on this day all I have to say is, ‘Long live our Beloved Ruler’!”

The incumbent president of Indian Association Sharjah (IAS), Adv Y. A. Rahim, has a heart full of praise for the Sharjah Ruler for “he is very loving and takes care of all communities living in the emirate while he looks after his own countrymen — the Emiratis — to the core.

“Sheikh Sultan is so generous that he gracefully donated land for IAS in 1979 and again in 2000 to build the Silver Jubilee Block of Sharjah Indian School (SIS), the community school where more than 7,000 students study. It is not a small thing that we got the land for the association and the school. Further the Sharjah Ruler was kind enough to understand the need of the Indian community and donated land in Sharjah for the construction of a crematorium, a dire need,” Rahim, who is associated with the community for several years, remarks.

“In fact, Sheikh Sultan loved and cared for the Indian community, the leading expatriate community working in the UAE. One point I should highlight is his benevolence towards the labourers staying in Sharjah and working elsewhere. The allotment of a special area for their accommodation and regulations to control illegal recruitment and rehabilitation are commendable,” he adds.

Nissar Thalangara, secretary, UAE national committee, KMCC, underlines the historic relations between India and the Arab countries which are still going strong. “Arab leaders love Indians and respect their culture of dedication in work. Money does not solve all problems. We need mutual respect and love. Sheikh Sultan is an embodiment of love and respect. He is a scholar and that makes the difference. The Sharjah University City is a fine example of his care for educating every child, national and expatriates,” Thalangara remarks.

“The Sharjah Book Fair, highly acclaimed by foreign writers and scholars who visited the fair, is another scholarly example of his dedication to letters. The fair is one of its kind in the Arab World where world literature converges under one umbrella. The collection of Malayalam books showcased in the fair and the number of literary figures visiting the fair to launch their books, are increasing year-by-year. That is a fantastic idea and Sheikh Sultan himself graciously opens the fair every year,” Thalangara says.

“We pray for his good health and prolonged life for he loves the people like his children.”

Dr Chithra Shamsudeen, medical director, Dr Chithra Shamsudeen’s Clinic, Sharjah, is highly appreciative of the annual Art Festival, Arabic Calligraphy festival and other cultural festivities in Sharjah held under the auspices of Sheikh Sultan. “These festivities underline Sharjah’s well-deserved position as Arab Cultural Capital.”

On the high standard Sharjah boasts on health services, she underlines the role of Al Qasimi Hospital in Sharjah which also serves as a referral hospital in the country. “The Sharjah Ruler also supports the private health sector in the emirate. This is another feather in his cap.”
The doctor lauds the initiatives of Sheikh Sultan such as anti-smoking drive, anti-obesity, anti-drug programmes and the oral health programme for children.

“The Sharjah leadership should be appreciated for the health programme for the schoolchildren. This is timely and ongoing along with the anti-smoking and other health initiatives. Children are our future and taking care of them is taking care of the future of the nation,” Dr Chithra says.

Omar Mohammad Al Nabooda, a businessman from Sharjah, says: “I am thankful for what His Highness has done for Sharjah. Through the University City, children are now provided with more opportunities in education. He cares for all of the employees of the Sharjah government since he periodically orders for salary increments and other employees’ benefits like they would be getting another pay raise next month. He has banned the sale of shisha, alcohol and illegal drugs which is very good because it prevents juvenile delinquency. He has made it a point that all Emirati families live near each other, a clear manifestation that the family is very important to him. He has preserved the Islamic and Arabic heritage intact by keeping the 400 mosques and all the symbols of the heritage in their original form. He is a very good man that is why residents of Sharjah love him so much.”

Rashid Saad Alhaqbani, a businessman from Saudi Arabia who frequents Sharjah, says: “I visit Sharjah every time I come to the UAE with my family. Sheikh Sultan is a very good man because there is a good system here. He has preserved the old sites, the old shopping centres especially the ones by the sea, the old museums, the heritage area, the beautiful mosques. He is doing everything to propagate Islam. Sharjah TV is a very good vehicle to learn what Islam is all about. I am happy in Sharjah. I can relax with my family here. He is a very good man. I wish him long life.”

Jehan Ali Al Khalili, Sharjah Ministry of Health-Complaints Section public relations officer, remarks: “I was born and raised in the UAE and have been living in Sharjah with my family for 28 years. I love to live here because Sheikh Sultan cares for the residents. He is a wise man. He continually develops the city and cares about the preservation of Islamic culture. Museums and mosques abound in Sharjah. I love the Islamic architecture maintained in all of the structures being built.”

Tariq Anwar, a travel and tourism expert working with Qatar Airways, commends Sheikh Sultan’s efforts to save the cultural heritage of Sharjah which has earned the emirate an important place in the tourism world, which is the prime source of attraction for tourists from Europe.

“His interest in maintaining Sharjah’s cultural heritage is admirable. Due to his effort Sharjah was bestowed the title of Cultural Capital of the Arab World in 1998 by Unesco. It was his continuous effort in this direction that Sharjah has been chosen as the 2014 Capital of Islamic Culture by the Ministers of Culture in Islamic countries,” says Anwar.

Anil Pande, a resident of Sharjah, commends Sheikh Sultan’s deep interest in promoting art and cultural as well as the educational scenario in the emirate. “The Sharjah Art Biennial and the Sharjah International Book Fair are the two legendary examples of his continuous efforts in this direction. It has inspired people to read and appreciate art in a time when people have forgotten its importance and spend more time in online activities,” he adds.

By Imran Mojib, Mohan Vadayar,
Lina Abdul Rahman,
Mariecar Jara-Puyod, Zeinab Nasser,
Hamza M Sengondo

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