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Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
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Thursday, 8 December 2011

Hues n Shades: Jaishree Misra and Rani - Sharjah International Bookfair


I had just recovered from fever when I had gone to ‘Meet’ Ruskin Bond. After I came out of the Dome I saw that the next day The Chair was to presided over by Jaishree Misra. I had not read any works of JM but I wanted to go the next day to hear her. My husband knew my LOVE for Lit and he agreed.

So there I was the next day running to get a book of JM as I had to get it signed. We were late as it’s a working day and I had to finish my daughter’s homework and stuff before I could make it to the Dome. All her books had been sold out except for few copies of Rani and Ancient Promises in Malayalam. I always preferred reading the original. I thought “Ok. Rani is Jhansi ki Rani’s story which I knew what it is. So I will buy Ancient Promises even though it’s in Malayalam. I can give to my mom who just loves books.” (I got this Love for Lit from Her!)

Jaishree Misra as a matter of fact is a very Lovely lady, extremely delightful to be with and listen to, jovial and pleasant and there I was deeply influenced by her. I loved her, my daughter did too. I must say my daughter is such a sport. She was as excited as I was (everyday)!!!

pictures projected during JM's presentation on Rani.
Rani, Lord Dalhousie's letter to Major Ellis, Rani's Fort,
The famous Rani of Jhansi's statue,
Supposed portrait of Rani Lakshmi Bai,
Memorial of Rani

JM gave a presentation on her latest work Rani and I enjoyed it thoroughly. As she read excerpts from the book and narrated the thought process that went behind I regretted my decision of not buying Rani. It is basically from the point of view of Rani Lakshmi Bai as a woman – daughter, wife, mother, queen. The inner turmoil that Rani went through each phase of her life.
There was an interactive session too where I even had the opportunity to ask her a query. I was so elated that I don’t remember what she replied. I was in a trance! During the book signing, she asked to whom I want it to be addressed…even struck a conversation on my daughter’s name and joked. I just wondered even in the busy schedule that they were, many wouldn’t even notice to whom they are signing (and I totally understand that).And here was JM who took time to do some small talk with the audience. I loved her!

Thank you dear friends for taking out your precious time to read it :)

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