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Sunday, 31 October 2010

جوز و تين و توت أحمر and Why Singing Builds Literacy | Read Kutub KIDS

I am back at home—many thanks to Sharjah book-festival organizers for having me and to my family for allowing me to be away!—and my boys are delighting in their new books, Arabic-education materials, and…CDs!

This morning before school, the boys had a chance to listen to Fatima Sharafeddineand Hani Siblini‘s first-ever collaborative children’s CD. The seven-year-old is not a morning person (so it’s quite something for him to enjoy music in the morning!), and the two-year-old, who does like mornings, was already singing along.

I love the fun lyrics, the repetition, the assonances, and the catchy tunes (I can’t seem to get the song طير و علي out of my head!)

And, lest we forget, singing to children is a very important way to develop their language skills. Parent and Child magazine notes that singing is sometimes overlooked in literacy education, but it’s an important component, as strong readers and writers must be able to “play” with language.

It makes me want an Arabic children’s radio station here in Cairo. (Yes, yes, I know, you give me an inch and suddenly I want a kilometer….)

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