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Monday, 27 September 2010

Yet more of our friends locations across the WWW! (Quite a diverse bunch, we think)


They say that there is a glass ceiling for me because (as Michael Moore would put it) I am not a stupid white man. Another they says I should temper my passions and desires, my dreams and ambitions because I am not a brown be-turbaned man. Some Theys say that I should fight my oppression, that I should rout it and defy it. Some say I face no oppression, that I should be happy that I am blessed and should accept my fortunate and happy lot. If you are not with us, they say, you are with the others, and they are wrong.
Spirit21 is a space to bring colour to this monochromatic world. I don’t believe that black or white are the only options. Why not pinks, blues, yellows or browns? I am not us, nor am I Other.
I am me.

The Emerging Writers’ Festival (EWF) exists to promote the interests of emerging writers – to improve their opportunities for professional development and their engagement with the broader public.

The Festival mixes emerging literary professionals with more established writers to forge a better understanding between the past and future of Australian writing, and to bring a high level of intellectual endeavour to all the Festival’s activities.

Princes in Disguise

Recently, over at All About Romance, a thread started up about happier endings and tragic ones, and the discussion digressed, as it sometimes will do, to a lively debate about Jo in the book Little Women -- specifically, whether Jo's choosing Professor Bhaer over the younger, more passionate Laurie was really a true happy ending. I argued it was. And not only because he was played in the movie by Gabriel Byrne, so that now I imagine him looking like this..
...because let's face it, Laurie was not such a bad-looking guy in the film, either.
No, it's because the professor is one of those heroes I love best: a prince in disguise.
Samar Yazbek’s new book ‘In her mirrors’

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Samar Yazbek’s new book ‘In her mirrors’
Samar Yazbek, author of ‘Clay’ and ‘Cinnamon’, has very recently published ‘In her mirrors’, that RAYA agency also represents for world translation rights.

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